NCPB Services

NCPB has a total utilizable capacity of 17,360,000 bags by 90 kg bags spread across its depot network in the country. Out of this capacity, space equivalent to 7,803,183 bags x 90 kg is currently leased out to the private sector. Another 2,017,567 bags by 90kg capacity in form of conventional stores from the Board’s space for trading commodities has been released for private leasing. This capacity is spread across the network. We have storage capacity equivalent to 2 million bags by 90Kg in form of silo bins available for storage of cereals in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Moi’s Bridge and Narok.

Besides storage, NCPB has other related services for sale to its clientele. The services offered can be classified into three:

1. Leasing Services

2. Third Party Services – Weighbridges,  Warehousing, Drying & Cleaning, Pest Control, Grading, Bagging and Clearing and Forwarding

3. Warehouse Receipt System (WRS)