Functions of the Board

National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) is governed by the Board of Directors which is responsible for ensuring professional standards and corporate values, systems and controls are put in place, as well as ensure key policies are formulated and implemented. The functions of the Board are to:

a)    Provide effective leadership and collaborate with the Executive management team in:

      • Articulating the organization’s values, vision, mission and strategies
      • Developing strategic (direction) plans and ordering strategic priorities including the strategic plan, performance contract, annual budget, procurement plan, training plans and media plans.
      • Maintaining open lines of communication and promulgating through the organization and with external stakeholders the values, vision, mission and strategies.
      • Developing and maintaining an organization structure to support the achievement of agreed strategic objectives

b)    Monitor the performance of the CEO against agreed performance indicators

c)    Review and agree the business (action) plans and annual budget proposed by the Executive management team

d)    Monitor the achievement of the strategic and business plans and annual budget outcomes

e)    Establish such committees, policies and procedures as will facilitate the more effective discharge of the Board’s roles and responsibilities

f)    Ensure, through the Board committees and others as appropriate, compliance obligations and functions are effectively discharged

g)    Initiate a Board self-evaluation program and follow-up action to deal with issues arising and arrange for directors to attend courses, seminars and participate in development programs as the Board judges appropriate

h)    Ensure that all significant systems and procedures are in place for the organization to run effectively, efficiently, and meet all legal and contractual requirements

i)    Ensure that all significant risks are adequately considered and accounted for by the Executive management team.

j)    Ensure that organization has appropriate corporate governance structures in place including standards of ethical behavior and promoting a culture of corporate and social responsibility.

NCPB Board comprises of the Chairman, five (5) independent Directors and the Principal Secretary under the State Department of Special Program; Principal Secretary under the State Department of Agriculture and Principal Secretary National Treasury, and their respective Alternates.
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