National Cereals and Produce Board

The National Cereals and Produce Board is a State Corporation established under an Act of Parliament (Cap 338) of 1985 with the reasonability of procuring, storage, maintenance and distribution of the strategic reserve and famine relief stocks on behalf of the Government of Kenya. It operated – and its predecessor statutory bodies- as a monopoly up to the year 1993 when, with the advent of economic reforms, the sub-sector was liberalized. The Board has consequently been transformed a commercial entity.

What is the Vision and Mission of National Produce Board?


A world class corporation in agricultural commodity trade and grain management.


To trade in quality grains, agricultural products and related services

What is the mandate of National Cereals and Produce Board?

  1. Commercial trading in grains; which is the core business of the Board, deals in various products and offers related services to its clients in competition with other players in the industry. Grain products include maize, wheat, beans, rice, millet, and sorghum.
  2. Service offered by the Board includes: leasing out surplus facilities, grain drying, weighing, fumigation, grain cleaning, grading, warehousing, bagging at silos, clearing and forwarding, and hiring of tarpaulins and dun ages.
  3. Provision of commodity handling and other grain-related services including carrying out various social functions such as Strategic Grain Reserve and Famine Relief in collaboration with national and county governments;
  4. Provision of storage and grain maintenance services to clients
  5. Provision of information on national and international grain trading.

What is the Role of NCPB in Food Security?

  1. Market outlet for farmers.
  2. Provision of farm inputs to ensure sustained food production.
  3. Provision of low cost Warehousing/storage services for safe storage until market prices has appreciated.
  4. Graining handling services to reduce post-harvest losses.
  5. Purchase and maintenance of the Strategic Food Reserve for the country