NCPB and the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) have signed a memorandum of understanding to support the implementation of the East African Community (EAC) staple foods quality standards and the management of Aflatoxin for efficient and effective grain trade in the country. Whereas the Board promotes food production, trades in agricultural commodities and provides premier warehousing, EAGC prepares, disseminates, and promotes the exchange of information on matters affecting the regional grain industry.

According to the Board’s MD Mr. Joseph Kimote, the MoU comes in handy when the Board and the entire grain sector in the country are undergoing reforms. Mr. Kimote is positive that with the strategic positioning of NCPB and the agricultural trade intelligence network of EAGC, there will be a consistent implementation of mitigations and mechanism to suppress post-harvest losses.  The EAGC Executive Director, Mr. Gerald Masila, was impressed by the co-operation rendered by NCPB and was happy with the collaboration in the implementation of standards and management of aflatoxin to enhance market access and food security. Both institutions are optimistic that this union will promote more and better trade in safe food in Kenya and the East African region.    

The MoU provides a framework to guide the new way that NCPB and EAGC will co-work in promoting structured trading systems, training and capacity building, research, policy advocacy, resource mobilization, infrastructural development, market linkage and the adoption and utilization of the harmonized East Africa standards for food and nutrition safety. 

NCPB will continue exploring partnership with the private sector for the utilization of NCPB storage, warehousing facilities and grain handling and management services. The partnerships will provide impetus to sustainable solutions at the national and county level and will complement the role of NCPB in commercial trade in safe grains and the provision of grain post-harvest services to the value chain on behalf of the government.

NCPB and EAGC look forward to formulate a quick action plan, form a steering committee and engage in many more fruitful ventures.

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