Nafaka Foods

Following the Covid-19 pandemic
that has rocked the world; the government has stepped up the fight by introducing an array of strict
measures amid increased new cases of persons testing positive and a rising death toll.
The government had earlier introduced dusk to dawn curfew which
exempted institutions offering essential services to operate during
the curfew hours.
Food security is one of the essential services and the government
has come up with a way of feeding
about five million less privileged
families in the country through the
Ministry of Devolution at least for
one month.
According to General Manager
Marketing and Operations, Mr.
John Matiri, the Ministry of Devolution will buy the food and the
Board will distribute it using its
facilities that are networked across
the country. He added that meetings between the two organizations
are ongoing on the same.
Mr. Matiri said that in readiness of
the above, the Board is now busy
preparing its stores to receive the
food which comprise dry cereals,
cooking oil and sanitary items.
He said that the Board will repackage the foods which are then transported to chiefs who will ensure
the food reaches the intended families who by then would have been
The GM has

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